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Empowering pastoral women by introducing “KULE” project (Dairy Farm)

Pastoral women are the most hardworking women within their communities since they have a large workload; they perform so many activities at their family levels. Their main role is to meet all the needs for their partners, children and even livestock at house level with a minimum amount of time.  This reduces the time for pastoral woman to think on other issues like; seating with their children to discuss about their schools progress, health issues especially for girl child, they even lack time to think and come up with ideas on how to finance themselves and their families.

In order to empower these women financially given that nowadays they also play a role of providing necessities to their families, to support these efforts, the idea of initiating Milk Cows project with a local name “KULE” within the household level to change the life of women in Simanjiro district, since they will be selling milk to restaurants within their centers, towns and other near customers during the transition period before establishing a Milk processing factory.


  • Saitoti Shinini

    May 31, 2022

    Pastoral Women are the most vulnerable groups in communities that needs special care for their daily activity since their primary producers. I feel to congratulates ILIOT in advance for such kind of efforts made to empower those communities. I extent my special gratitudes for ILIOT Director and the management team in general for the great job of dedicated thier efforts to save our pastoral communities!

    1. Saitoti Shinini

      May 31, 2022

      Thank very much your good comment

  • Jeannie

    May 31, 2022

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