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What We Do

Working with Maasai pastoralist communities, the hunter-gatherer Hazda people and the Dagota people, ILIOT aims to improve the livelihoods of indigenous peoples by empowering youth, elders, and women through capacity and resilience-building initiatives which tackle the impacts of climate change. ILIOT raises awareness amongst these communities about the impacts of climate change on our environment, well-being and economy and works with communities to develop creative, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.

Our Objectives

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As a result of climate change, ‘Parthenium hysterophorus’ (Gugukaroti), a species of morning-glory of the genus Astripomoea, is now growing on the savanna in Maasai Steppe and national parks. It is a noxious weed which invades roadsides and is allergenic for humans. It infests pastures and farmland, causing disastrous loss of yield, affecting livestock health, crop production, and human health. ILIOT wants to provide environmental support that clear hazardous plants that threaten livelihoods and wildlife within the ecosystem. Also, to strengthen the community groups, (i.e., Women Men & Youth) through establishing diversified economic activities to both pastoralists and farmers that aim to improve their livelihoods.

Our Leadership Team

Joseph Loure Ole Parmelo

Executive Director

Saunyi Lekeju Mollel

Board Chairperson

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