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Who We Are and at We Do


Indigenous Livelihood Innovation Organization Team

ILIOT is a grassroots Tanzanian non-governmental organization whose members are dedicated to improving the lives and livelihoods of rural communities. ILIOT was established to bring suitable solutions for pastoralists and farmers impacted by climate change. ILIOT believes in finding innovative ways to support the environment, the soil and local ecosystems so that they may become more productive and, in turn, enhance the social and economic well-being of local communities.


ILIOT will collaborate with other NGOs, government agencies, and private sector actors to leverage resources and expertise.

Monitoring and Evaluation

ILIOT will develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system to track progress

Resource Mobilization

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ILIOT will promote innovative approaches and technologies to improve the effectiveness of its interventions.


Working with Maasai pastoralist communities, the hunter-gatherer Hazda people and the Dagota people, ILIOT aims to improve the livelihoods of indigenous peoples by empowering youth, elders, and women through capacity and resilience-building initiatives, which tackle the impacts of climate change. ILIOT raises awareness amongst these communities about the impacts of climate change on our environment, well-being and economy and works with communities to develop creative, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.


Building capacity on best practices of climate change mitigations that favor social-economic well-being of the community through education advocacy, environmental management towards sustainable development goals


Enlighten community on climatic change impacts on environment, social well-being and economic aspects


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The organization has formulated the group of fifteen women (15) women and pro- vide them with training and those women are supporting each other through Village Community Bank (VICOBA) whereby they make small contributions of money(share) to the same poll, this helps them in saving and also they lend each other for investments. This innovation enables women to save their families and income to establish each other a small business.

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    The community involvement and awareness on various environmental and business management strategies has increased as a result of this funding

The map showing the villages rangelands connectivity found along the pastoral indigenous communities: the part shaded with red color is the current project scope area:


Indigenous Livelihood Innovation Organization Team (ILIOT) is a registered Non-Profit Organization (NGO) under the NGOs Act No. 24/2002 and has been operating in Tanzania since August 2021. The organization was established after many years of struggling to find suitable solutions for the climate change impacts affecting pastoralists, farmers, and wildlife within the local ecosystem in Northern Tanzania. These are the main challenges facing our communities and strategy in place ILIOT is taken to resolve the challenge.


Building capacity on best practices of climate change

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Enlighten community on climatic change impacts on environment, social well-being and economic aspects